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EHPPA x Covid-19

On 18 March 2020, the first European procurement cooperation meeting was held (online) between the EHPPA members, in presence of a European Commission representative. The objective of this 1st meeting was to start a specific collaboration on the COVID-19 global outbreak between the major European hospital Central Purchasing Bodies (CPB).

As defined in the objectives of the EHHPA alliance, its members are cooperating and exchanging valuable information in order to help each other in this critical situation. The main idea is to share good practices that are being urgently implemented in different countries and could benefit to everybody. Some of the important aspects to know and anticipate for the weeks to come are the shortages of various products and devices in hospitals and pharmacies, the behaviour of suppliers and the reliability of the supply chain. As all countries tackle similar yet specific problems, the discussion about current difficulties and sharing of expertise are crucial steps to be taken.

This cooperation is all the more important since countries such as Italy which have been dealing with the outbreak for a longer period of time can help other EHPPA members by sharing their experience. The participation of a European Commission representative allows for an easier exchange of information and facilitates coordination on global level.

In order to have a better overview of the evolving situation and new encountered problems, this European procurement cooperation meeting will be held weekly to tackle this crisis together.