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Created in 2007, RESAH is a public Central Purchasing Body that leverages the purchasing power of hospitals and nursing homes in France.

GIP RESAH is the only Central Purchasing Body (CPB) specialised in both healthcare and medical social sectors in France. It offers more than 4000 public contracts which covers all healthcare procurement segments: medical (pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biomedical equipment etc.) and non-medical (ICT solutions, catering etc.) GIP RESAH uses all types of public procurement instruments: Classic call for Tender, Buy & Resale, Dynamic procurement system etc. In 2019, the total group procurement realised through RESAH’s contracts was more than 1 billion €.

In addition to its central procurement activities, GIP RESAH has also its own consulting department, composed of experts in public procurement in the healthcare sector. This specific department is acting at national level on several projects, as for example:

  • Procurement Action Plan: audit and assessment of the procurement process of a hospital in order to propose good practices and personalised recommendations to improve the actual internal organisation;
  • Active in the implementation of the new French healthcare law establishing the “Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire” (Hospital Territorial Grouping);
  • Writing guides related to public procurement in the healthcare sectors for RESAH’s members, for the French Ministry of Health or for European projects;
  • During the Covid-19 outbreak, GIP RESAH was mandated by the French ministry of health to support and optimise the distribution of PPE equipment from the central national warehouse to the different healthcare organisations in France.

Active at international level, GIP RESAH has coordinated the innovative PPI project HAPPI (Healthy Ageing solutions) in which the main objective was to launch the 1st cross border joint procurement in the healthcare sector, and participated in 3 other European projects: INNOCAT (PPI – Eco innovative solutions), INSPIRE (CSA - Support Procurement of Innovation), PROEIPAHA (CSA – Healthy Ageing). Today, the organisation is involved in 3 other European projects: The RELIEF PCP (R&D in eHealth sector) as Lead Procurer of the Buyer Group, inDemand (Co Creation project in eHealth) with concrete actions in the development of new co-creation methodologies/approaches/tool, and the EURIPHI Project which has the application of Value Based Procurement concept as main objective.

Resah is one of the founding members of the EHPPA Association.


  • Legal status: Public organisation
  • Number of members: 600+ including almost all French public and non for
    profit hospitals, nursing homes but also other public organisations (The Public Health National Agency, the Army Healthcare Service, Fire and Assistance regional services, …)
  • Perimeter of action: National, regional and local
  • Procurement volume of 2019: 1,21 Billion €
  • Number of staff: 140+