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Created in 2007, GIP Resah is a public Central Purchasing Body that leverages the purchasing power of hospitals and nursing homes in France.

GIP Resah is the only CPB specializing in both healthcare and medical-social sectors in France. It offers more than 3000 public contracts in almost all the procurement categories: medical (pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biomedical equipment...) and non-medical (ICT solutions, catering...).

Also active at the international level, GIP Resah has coordinated the innovative European project HAPPI (Healthy Ageing solutions) and participates in 5 other European projects: INNOCAT (Eco-innovative solutions), INSPIRE (Support Procurement of Innovation), PROEIPAHA (Healthy Ageing) and finally PCP project RELIEF (PCP in eHealth sector) as Lead Procurer of the Buyer Group.

Resah is founding members of the EHPPA Association.


  • Legal status: Public organisation
  •  Number of members: 300+
  • Perimeter of action: National, regional and local
  • Procurement volume of 2016: 800 Million €