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Amgros was established by the former Danish counties as a procurement service for the healthcare area in 1990. Since 1 January 2007, the organisation has managed pharmaceuticals procurement for all public hospitals in Denmark.

Together with other healthcare stakeholders, Amgros’ mission is to provide the conditions for better healthcare. The core task of Amgros is to ensure that Danish public hospitals have the right medicine and the right medical devices, and that these are available at the right price, in the right place, at the right time and in the right quality. Always with patients in mind, and always through close dialogue and collaboration.

We do this by organising and conducting efficient tendering procedures, negotiations and procurement for our owners in the Danish regions. We do all this in close collaboration with many other healthcare stakeholders. This means we and our partners save Danish society billions of DKK. Every year.

Suppliers submit their bids through Amgros’ electronic tendering system. This means that suppliers can submit bids and keep abreast with ongoing calls for tenders in a single place. The tendering system also helps secure suppliers transparency and equal treatment.

Amgros has extensive experience, built up over many years. Therefore, we know exactly how to organise tendering procedures for the most cost-effective solutions in a complex market. We work strategically with procurement. This means that we use different instruments in our tendering procedures, negotiations and procurement, depending on how long the medicine has been on the market and the area of treatment the medicine concerns.

When we are to procure a completely new medicine protected by a patent, and the Danish Medicines Council has assessed the medicine, we negotiate a price that is lower than the supplier’s official list price. When medicines with the same effects as existing treatments enter the market, but with different ingredients, we will conduct a tendering procedure. This means we and our partners save Danish society billions of DKK. Every year.


  • Legal status: Public organisation
  •  Number of members: Approximately 100
  • Perimeter of action: National, regional and local
  • Procurement volume of 2019: The regions procured medicines costing approximately DKK 8.9 Billion = 1,2 Billion €. Almost all medicines used by public hospital departments are purchased via hospital pharmacies and these hospital pharmacies trade through Amgros.
  • Number of staff: Approximately 100




SFOS (Styrelsen for Forsyningssikkerhed / Danish Critical Supply Agency) is a governmental organisation established in August 2020 to face the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure the procurement of personal protective equipment.
The objective of the agency is to support the Danish society and their healthcare system in preventing and handling present and future crises of critical supply. Furthermore, SFOS will be responsible for establishing and hosting the EU medical rescEU stockpile of PPE.


  • Legal status: Public governemental organisation
  • Perimeter of action: National
  • Number of staff: 40 in 2020 and estimated 70 by the end of 2021