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NFU : a new member in the EHPPA association

The European Health Public Procurement Alliance is delighted to announce a new member: the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU).

The next General Assembly of the association is planned to take place in Turin on October 17th, 2018 with NFU joining EHPPA as a full member. Founded in 2004, the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres represents the eight cooperating UMCs in the Netherlands, as an advocate and employer of 65,000 people. Its objective is to ensure that agencies that decide healthcare issues in the Netherlands take into account the special role of the UMCs.

With this new membership, the EHPPA association strengthens its network across Europe and continues to establish itself as a growing and leading innovator of the healthcare public procurement.

The EHPPA association will continue its work of pooling expertise, leveraging performance and providing its members with a strategic position in the health procurement market. EHPPA aims now to play an essential role in the relations between public institutions and private healthcare suppliers.