1st Value-Based Procurement Conference

On 12 December, more than 250 participants attended the 1st Value Based Procurement Conference in Brussels, organised by MedTech Europe and supported by EUREGHA and EHPPA.


For the first time at European level, an event gathered pioneers and those interested in value-based procurement. The conference presented advances in value based procurement and practice, key drivers in delivering value-based healthcare. Pioneering initiatives and case studies were shared which are essential in building the foundation of value based procurement – which it could be said  requires  a revolution in thinking and an evolution in procurement practice.   


While there is a high level of enthusiasm and pilots are encouraging, there are still challenges to face before a change in procurement practice is adopted. The development of supporting value based toolkits, case studies and advice on how to get started were provided during the conference, with the opportunity to meet the experts, and look in more depth at individual case studies.


The 9 key public procurement organisations who are members of the EHPPA association attended the event. NHS Commercial Solutions, Sykehusinnkjøp and Resah shared their experience with the audience in presentations, panel discussions and debates.


Value based approaches offer an opportunity for public procurement in the healthcare sector to make an even greater contribution to delivering value for patients, healthcare professionals and the health system as a whole. Conference organiser MedTech Europe with the supporting organisation EUREGHA and EHPPA announced their intention to explore the potential of value-based procurement to support the delivery of sustainable healthcare systems in a joint statement.

Please access the statement by clicking on the button below.

Joint Statement


The EHPPA partners will continue their collaborative works on value-based procurment. In this sense, Kjetil ISTAD, General director of Sykehusinnkjøp HF has been elected as Vice-President in charge of value-based procurement during the last General Assembly of the association.