ePitching with procurers

EHPPA and Health Proc Europe Association, a European non-profit organisation that is creating the largest healthcare procurement ecosystem, have taken part in the EIC Innovation Procurement Programme. Through this programme, EHPPA & Health Proc Europe and the European Innovation Council (EIC), the European Commission's main agency in support of innovation, join forces to step up innovation in the health sector.

This collaboration enables EHPPA & Health Proc Europe to improve agility and efficiency in access to innovation, accelerate the development of cutting-edge projects and facilitate the identification of international talent.


The two organisations have selected several innovative EIC-funded start-ups to pitch in front of a selected group of procurers hailing from Spain, Portugal and Sweden. The companies awarded with ‘Best Pitch’ during this session will be invited to Brussels to meet hundreds of procurers active in healthcare, for the first Pan-European Hospital & Healthcare Procurement Summit, organised by EHPPA & Health Proc Europe Association, which will be held on 20-21 September 2022.

The 6 selected companies from the EIC portfolio were the following:


About the partnership between EHPPA, HPE and EIC


Jean-David Malo, director of the EIC and the SME's Executive Agency (EISMEA): “This successful cooperation between the Health Proc Europe Assocation & EHPPA and the EIC is proof that Europe has the talent, inspiration and capacity to grow innovative companies with high impact solutions that make a positive difference in millions of people’s lives every day. We truly believe this EIC Innovation Procurement event is a new great opportunity for all and another important landmark in the long-lasting collaboration between the Health Proc Europe Association & EHPPA that we highly appreciate and brings a great deal of business opportunities.” 


Danny Havenith, Chairman of EHPPA: "EHPPA is a unique opportunity to bring together the Public Procurement Associations of Europe. This coordinating role on the internal level creates a unique platform to communicate with the entire ecosystem on the external level. Procurement in healthcare thus becomes a facilitator for developments in healthcare institutions: Innovation, Sustainability, Community & Best Practice, Professionalisation & Digitalisation, Governance. All of this is only possible with motivated people. Bringing together these innovative minds is precisely the force with which we are starting to change the sector."


Elisa Frenz, CEO of Health Proc Europe: "We are looking forward to the launch of this exciting collaboration between Health Proc Europe Association, EHPPA and the EIC. This programme will play an important role in enhancing innovation in the hospital and healthcare procurement sector and showcasing some of the best international talent in the field as an answer to challenges and needs identified by our healthcare procurement ecosystem."


About Health Proc Europe Association

Health Proc Europe Association is the interest group of European public and private healthcare procurers. Founded in 2019, the non-profit organisation is creating the European healthcare procurement ecosystem. ? The association is focusing on ensuring superior performance and turning procurement into a critical business driver, by connecting hospital and healthcare procurement managers from various institutions.

About the European Innovation Council

The European Innovation Council (EIC) supports top-class innovators, entrepreneurs, small companies and scientists with bright ideas and the ambition to scale up internationally.

The European Innovation Council is a key novelty of Horizon Europe and represents the most ambitious innovation initiative that Europe has taken, with a budget of €10 billion for the period 2021-2027. Support to innovators, entrepreneurs, small companies and scientists under the European Innovation Council goes far beyond a grant provision. The EIC offers several business acceleration services that help speed up the pace of innovation, including business coaching and flagship services like EIC Corporate Days and EIC Investor Days, where highly innovative SMEs can take advantage of pitching and partnering opportunities with investors and corporates.