Resah and MercuHosp signed a new partnership

Enhancing European Public Health Procurement: Resah and MercurHosp Forge New Partnership

In a significant development for European healthcare procurement, Resah and MercurHosp have announced a groundbreaking partnership aimed at enhancing efficiency and collaboration across borders.

As part of the Procure4Health project's Twinning initiative, both organizations, members of the consortium, formalized this partnership. Dominique Legouge, General Director of Resah, and Sylvie Brichard, President of MercurHosp, signed the agreement, enabling Belgian hospitals affiliated with MercurHosp to utilize Resah's procurement offerings.

The partnership is rooted in the principles of the EU Public Procurement Directive and Article L. 2113-5 of the French Public Procurement Code, facilitating cross-border collaboration without compromising national regulations. By leveraging Resah's extensive procurement frameworks, MercurHosp can now offer its members unprecedented access to a broader array of procurement options. 

With this agreement, most new contracts managed by Resah (excluding medicines) will be available to MercurHosp's members. This allows Belgian hospitals, members of MercurHosp, to benefit from French procurement offerings, expanding MercurHosp's operational scope beyond national borders.

The partnership also includes regular exchanges of best practices and experiences between Resah and MercurHosp, continuing over a decade of collaboration within EHPPA.

A steering committee will oversee the agreement, clarifying the procurement areas and terms of access, evaluating the partnership's impact, setting new objectives, and ensuring its relevance.

This partnership, rooted in a decade-long collaboration, aligns with the goals of the Procure4Health Twinning program. Funded by the European Commission and launched in June 2022, this initiative fosters collaboration and exchanges among European public health buyers.