Applications for the Procure4Health 3rd Call for Twinnings are open



Procure4Health is inviting public and private healthcare procurers to apply for this 3rd Call for Twinnings to learn about or adopt innovative solutions, procurement techniques or similar related matters available elsewhere. A total amount of €660.000 is available for Twinning activities under the Procure4Health project, with funding expected for approximately 30 Twinnings partnerships. Twinnings partners are allowed to apply for a joint budget of up to €30.000 covering the activities and accommodating their ambitions in a proposal.


Twinnings are a community (peer to peer) tool that enables exchange of knowledge on a particular topic by bringing together experienced players willing to pass on their experience to less experienced ones. Twinning parties will carry out activities such as structured study visits, workshops, training sessions and internships, leading to the effective capacity-building for one or both parties. The main concept behind Twinnings is to avoid reinventing the wheel by adopting knowledge, enabling partners to learn from existing experiences that have already successfully tackled the same problems and barriers, found solutions for them, and thus help adoption to significantly shorten the adoption/implementation time and related costs.


If your proposal is awarded, you will:

  • Exchange experiences in innovation procurement with a peer of your choice.
  • Get up to €30.000 funding for travels, meetings, training sessions and much more to share experiences.
  • Learn from existing experiences that have already successfully tackled the same problems and barriers.
  • Improve your capacity to address the topic in a better and more informed way in your region.
  • Develop a concrete action plan based on the Twinning experience.


Twinning applicants shall submit their application electronically via the Procure4Health online Community platform. They should take full account of all proposal documents that can be found at both the Procure4Health website and the Procure4Health Community platform.

Applications for this 3rd Call for Twinnings are open on the Procure4Health Community platform in a cut-off deadline format, introducing a mid-term deadline and selection: 17th April and 17th June 2024, at 17:00 pm CET (Brussels time). Final budget hinges on remaining funds post initial selection.

Don't wait any longer and apply by the first cut-off deadline!