EHPPA General Assembly #22

 For the first time, the 22nd General Assembly has been organised in two half-day sessions. We also took the opportunity of this bi-annually event to organise study visits and learn from interesting initiatives led by our member and/or its partners in the country. 

The first session of the General Assembly, on Tuesday 4th April, unfolded at the premises of Plexus-Santé in Lausanne.

During this session, we have focused on the internal functioning and the work plan of the Alliance for 2023. To this end, we discussed and approved the updated version of the legal status that formalized our duties and rights. We also adopted an EHPPA Charter which establish concrete principles that must be respected by the Members.

Then, to create and promote the establishment of a broad EHPPA’s Work Plan, the Vice-presidents introduced their activities planned for 2023. These activities can be summarized as follow:

  • Implementation of several webinars to professionalise the EHPPA members on digitalisation, European projects.

  • Creation of a Working Group on Sustainability and Social Value.

  • Involvement of EHPPA at the European level in several European projects.

  • Sharing of good practices in innovation, medicines, pharmacy, medical devices, digitalisation.

  • Internal development of the Association.

This content generated a wider discussion around not only on the activities as well as on the need for training and professionalization of members on these topics.

This day continued with the visit of Plexus-Santé, the semi-automated logistic platform built by the HUG - Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève and CHUV / Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois to optimize the storage and delivery of several products directly in the care units of the two university hospitals.

Then, a cultural visit was organised by CAIB at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, a visit marked by “excellence, respect and friendship”, Olympic values shared by EHPPA.

The second session of the General Assembly, on Wednesday 5th April, took place at the premises of the SWISS Foundation for Innovation and Training in Surgery (SFITS) at the HUG in Geneva.

The second session of the General Assembly has emphasized initiatives, projects already planned or realized as:  

  • The future digital presence of EHPPA.

  • An introduction of a new European opportunity to act in the fields of sustainability and environment.

  • Presentation of a good practice from IAZ x NFU to secure supplies that led to a discussion on this main issue and solutions implemented by other members.

  • Future events organised in 2023 that allow us to exchange and learn about the future challenges of the healthcare market.

During this day, it has unfolded a visit of the SWISS Foundation for Innovation and Training in Surgery (SFITS), a unique multidisciplinary and modular platform designed to simulate real-life conditions and provide a secured and controlled training environment to professionals working in operating rooms.

These two days of meetings and visits were full of exchanges, especially in the fields of innovation, sustainability, supply chain and digitalization, key subjects for EHPPA and its members but also for the future of healthcare procurement. As always, these European interactions generate future collaboration between our members.

Stay tuned!