European Hospital Procurement Barometer 2022

The 1st European Hospital Procurement Barometer was open for participation between October and November 2022. This Barometer was an initiative of Resah and has received the support of EHPPA’s network to disseminate the information toward a maximum of healthcare organisation in Europe. The aim of this new annual survey is to provide an overview of the European hospital procurement sector, in order to know more about the evolutions and new trends in this field.  

The results of this Barometer were presented during the second day of Journées de l’achat hospitalier organised by Resah in Paris (France) last 9th December 2022.

For the first edition, 76 organisations from 13 different European countries, including outside the EU, have answered the online questionnaire. Most of the participants were from France, Spain, Italy and the Benelux countries.

Profile of the participants:

  • Hospitals were predominant in this survey, followed by central purchasing bodies (respectively 65,7%, 15% of national central purchasing bodies and 13,7% of regional central purchasing bodies)

  • A vast majority from public structures (70%)

  • Most of them are procurers, three quarters of the participants

The main topics covered for this 1st edition were: 1. The role of the procurement department, 2. The working conditions and tools, 3. The Human resources in the procurement department, 4. The social and environmental procurement. Here are some of the main findings:

  • The purchasing function is key, it is strategic for 65,8% of the participants inside their structure:

  • Among the main objectives of the procurers, the research for the best quality/price ratio is in pole position, ahead of the contribution to the transformation and modernisation of the organisation

  • Facilitating access to innovative SMEs is ranked ahead of the institution's performance and the search for savings

  • Define the precise needs in collaboration with the end-users is one of the top priories of the interviewees (60%)

  • The security of supply is also a primordial topic today

  • A lack of human resources is emphasized as an European issue as follows the results of this survey (nearly 50%)

  • Development of the sustainability and responsible purchasing (84,2% of the participants are engaged in a sustainable approach). This policy is illustrated by the introduction of environmental and/or social clauses in tenders and consideration of the life cycle


We want to thank again all the organizations and professionals who have participated to this 1st edition!


You can download the full version of the European Hospital Procurement Barometer 2022 in French or in English


We are happy to announce that European Hospital Procurement Barometer will be reconducted in 2023 and will be done annually.