Masterclass in Hospital & Healthcare Procurement

This two-days training for senior procurers was co-created by EHPPA in collaboration with the knowledge network NEVI and Health Proc Europe Association.

As a supporting partner of the European Masterclass Hospital & Healthcare Procurement, we are happy to highlight the importance of this event for those in the healthcare procurement field.

With the recent challenges posed by the pandemic, it has become more important than ever to have skilled and efficient purchasing managers in hospitals and healthcare institutions. The Masterclass is designed to upgrade the competencies of healthcare procurement professionals, providing them with practical use cases and tools to directly integrate into their daily activities.

The 2-day Masterclass program covers a wide range of topics, including cost pressure, digitalisation of procurement, sustainability in tenders, and supplier relationship management.

Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of strategic procurement, an understanding of the importance of supplier relationship management, and the ability to connect purchasing portfolios to their organisations. They will also learn about the developments that have an impact on the ways to obtain information for medical tender specifications, and how to apply digital procurement tools to real business cases.

Program core pillars:

  • Foundations of strategic procurement
  • The challenging world of Procurement
  • Tenders & auctions
  • Cross Border Procurement
  • Presentation & Discussion on selected international use case
  • Next generation procurement
  • Panel discussion with selected Procurement solution providers
  • Future proofing your Procurement function

Elisabete Coelho (CAIB – EHPPA) and Danny Havenith (Mercurhosp – EHPPA) will be one of the speakers.

The masterclass is given in English.

Participants will receive an official Nevi/IFPSM Certificate.

This masterclass is sold out but another edition will be organised on 21-22 November 2023. 

For more information and registration: click here