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Created in 2007, RESAH is a public Central Purchasing Body that leverages the purchasing power of hospitals and nursing homes in France.

GIP RESAH is the only Central Purchasing Body specialised in both healthcare and medical-social sectors in France. It offers more than 5000 public contracts in all the procurement segments, covering all hospital needs: medical (pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biomedical equipment, PPE, ...) and non-medical (ICT solutions, catering, energy, ...). Today the public organisation has more than 1600 members, including almost all French public and non for profit hospitals, nursing homes but also other public organisation like regional health agencies. The procurement volume through Resah’s contracts was 1.8 billion € in 2021.

With the main objective of generating value for healthcare and care organisations, Resah has other activities beside the procurement department:

  • An expertise and resources centre, composed by public consultants, experts in public procurement and logistic in the healthcare sector, able to conduct specific missions for hospitals or regional health agencies.
  • An innovation centre to accelerate the identification, development, evaluation, procurement, diffusion and adoption of innovative solutions in the healthcare sector. The long-term collaboration and partnership with the French and European innovation ecosystems is key for Resah.
  • A training centre dedicated to public procurers and companies working in the healthcare sector. Many different trainings are proposed by Resah on legal aspects, public procurement, innovation procurement, hospital logistics, …
  • Active at international level, Resah has coordinated and participated to 7 European projects (PPI, PCP, CSA, RIA), supported and funded by the European Commission under the program for innovation (FP7, H2020, Horizon Europe).
  • Resah has its own press department which publishes various contents (magazine, guides, information notices, …) about public procurement in the healthcare sector and manages a French website dedicated to public procurement and logistics : https://sante-achat.info/.
  • Every year, Resah organises its annual event which gather more than 800 participants in Paris: Les Journées de l’Achat Hospitalier.

GIP Resah is one of the key players in the healthcare sector in France but also in Europe.


  • Legal status: Public organisation
  • Number of members: 1650 members using the CBP (French public and non for profit hospitals, nursing homes but also other public organisations such as the Army Healthcare Service, Fire and Assistance regional services, etc.)
  • Perimeter of action: National, regional and local
  • Procurement volume of 2021: 1,8 Billion €
  • Number of staff: 180