Our members



MercurHosp is a central purchasing body created in December 2013, composed by 25 hospitals and 55 attached associations (rest homes, ...) in Wallonia and Brussels, the French speaking part of Belgium and Brussels. In 2018 and 2019, MercurHosp also worked intensively in cooperation with various other purchasing centrals (best practices, joint tender).

The main objective of the organisation is to aggregate procurement activities (Public Tendering). Other projects are also conducted to share experiences and practices in other healthcare activities (Logistics, IT, HR, insurance, IT security, etc.).

Each hospital keeps an internal “Purchasing Service” which is responsible for delivery of contracts. The hospitals do not have the obligation to take part in all public tenders of MercurHosp.


  • Legal status: Private non-profit organisation
  • Number of members: 25 hospitals and 55 rest homes (7104 beds)
  • Perimeter of action: Regional 
  • Procurement volume of 2021: 20 Million €
  • Number of staff: 5