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CAIB is a public non-profit central purchasing organisation which was created by the University hospitals of Geneva and Lausanne. CAIB leads the purchase of all the necessary products and services for the hospitals including: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biomedical equipment and non-medical products. CAIB provides the supply chain for the university hospitals.

CAIB is also at the center of the process to establish and implement the annual investment plan with a team of biomedical engineers.

CAIB provides best practice contracting, collaborative purchasing and savings for his members.

CAIB operates at a regional level (French part of Switzerland).


  • Legal status: Public organisation
  • Number of members: 2 University Hospitals & 12 Regional Hospitals
  • Perimeter of action: Regional (Only working with the hospitals' members)
  • Procurement volume in 2021: 1 Billion €
  • Number of staff: 65 
Visit their website: CHUV & HUG