Meet the Board

The Board of EHPPA association comprises elected representatives who are appointed by the General Assembly. The Board is elected for a two-year period.

The current Board was elected during the General Assembly #18 in November 2021, and their mandate will run until Autumn 2023.




President of EHPPA association   

Working in Company Management for 25 years, Danny Havenith started in the finance, administration and quality management of a logistics company. After 8 years of management in printing and press companies, he changed into the health sector. He was the CEO of the private St. Nikolaus Hospital for ten years. He is currently the general manager of MercurHosp, central purchasing body of Wallonian hospitals in Namur, Belgium and independent manager in several companies.



Trine Ann BEHNK  

Vice-president in charge of European tender work programme   

Trine Behnk has more than 20 years of experience in the big pharma sector on European level, primarily on price, reimbursement, procurement and tools associated roles. She also worked for 2 years in the device industry, as Coloplast executive programme lead in France, Italy and the Netherland. In 2019, Trine Behnk decided to complete her profile with a Graduate Diploma, Business Administration, Global Supply Chain management from Copenhagen Business School. She is currently International Senior Strategic Advisor at Amgros, the Danish central purchasing body specialised in medicines.


Louis POTEL  

Vice-president in charge of external relationships & internal coordination 

Louis Potel has 8 years of experience in the field of European projects and network management. He has worked extensively on creating relationships with European institutions and has been continuously representing Resah and EHPPA in different European events. He has been involved in the management of the EHPPA association since the moment of its creation in 2012. Louis Potel is currently the Head of international affairs and Innovation project coordinator at Resah, the French central purchasing body.



Vice-president in charge of innovation  

Antoni Gilabert has more than 20 years of experience from the healthcare sector. First, as a head of pharmacy and medicines at the Catalan Health Service of the Government of Catalonia, he has then been the director of pharmacy and medicines at Catalan Health and Social Care Consortium (CSC) for 4 years. During his career, Antoni Gilabert has helped to implement many projects in the field of innovation, such as Catalan e-prescription system, harmonization program in therapeutics, CSC model for integral purchasing. He is currently the director in Innovation and Partnership at the Catalan central purchasing body CSC.


Gerwin MEIJER  

Vice-president in charge of security of supplies  

Gerwin Meijer has worked for 23 years in the healthcare procurement sector. He spent these years in Radboudumc and since 2017 he was a program manager NFU Purchasing Collaboration. In addition, he is the co-founder of Dutch programs for Brexit and MDR-IVDR for hospitals and co-founder of LCH (Dutch consortium for the supply of critical goods due to Covid-19). He has been actively involved in EHPPA and is one of the vice-presidents since 2019. Gerwin Meijer is currently the CEO of the Dutch central purchasing body IAZ (InkoopAlliantieZiekenhuizen).